Remote Controlled LED Wristbands

Product Features

  • 2 Bright RGB LEDs in each wristband
  • 15 Different LED Colors
  • Single Use & Multi Day Wristband (replaceable battery) options

Customize & Personalize

  • Full color logo imprinting
  • Front Imprint 4cm x 3.5 cm

Complete Control

  • Syncs wristband lighting with music
  • it can control all LED Wristbands at the same time within 1000meters and can control all sticks in 15 different color lights and 8 groups.

Lighting Control

  • Turn on the light, the radio control function is in priority when the controller is on and the LED Wristbands is less than 1000meters from the controller;
  • User can control it when the controller is off or out of the control range;

Remote Control Device

  • Frequency: 433,390,315MHz for option
  • Control distance: it can control a diameter 1,000meter circle
  • There are three control ways of this device: Use the device itself to control;
  • Connect the device to computer, control bracelets with software(software is able for Windows XP/7);
  • Connect the device to computer, control bracelets with music;
  • There is one set of remote control device for every 5,000pcs of batons;
  • if your order quantity is less than 5,000pcs or you need extra device;
  • It’s very good for concert, event, celebrations, carnival, night club, night bar etc.
Full Colour(RGB)
Xylobands can produce any colour in the RGB light spectrum. This allows us to match and complement your branding, lighting or staging effects.
Full colour branding is available, allowing you to display a company logo in a new and personal way. Wristband wearers are not only connected with each other, but also to your brand.
Radio Controlled Lighting
All our systems are radio controlled. This allows us to have complete real time control over all our products. The range of the HTXL is 400m, and Box Transmitter 800m+.
Radio Frequency Identification
RFID tags allow you to monitor delegates details using a registration system and RFID readers at your event. RFID can also include live social media updates.
Long Battery Life
Remote Controlled LED Wristbands have a flashing battery life of approx. 8-13 hours. It can be satisfied with the use of large-scale activities , and it is possible to replace the battery.
Custom Design
We can modify our designs to create a bespoke wristband for you. We also have new products in development, including hats, pendants, table centrepieces, and LED shoes.

Sound Activated LED Wristbands

Sound Activated LED Wristbands are the perfect option for smaller events were complete control isn’t needed and budget is more of a priority. Sound activated wristbands light up and pulse to specific frequencies of music, whether its a band or DJ during your wedding or a full blown concert.

Product Features

  • Custom Color Options
  • Seven kinds of light color: Red / Blue / Green / Orange / White / Pink
  • On/Off Switch with a 8 hour battery life when on
  • Logo printing available on front of wristband
  • A variety of styles to choose from
  • Controling lights flashing according to the sounds changes, the greater sounds decibel, the higher brightness!

Motion Activated Wristbands

Motion Activated LED Wristbands are our most affordable wristband option, they respond to movement and light up as they are moved or waved. Great for all types of events from concerts to charity walks and night runs.

Motion activated wristbands can come in custom color bands with single color LED options.

  • Lights up to movement
  • Responsive to clapping, hand motion, running, etc..
  • Logo printing available
  • Lighting modes: Flashing Stable light
  • 7 Colors for you choose: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Pink, Orange.
Motion Activated Wristbands